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About us

Elron Group has in its portfolio Elron Co. and EDS Electric – specialized in execution, design, low and medium voltage maintenance, Elron Solutions – production of electrical panels, and Synthetic Dynamics – integration of industrial robots.

Elron Co. and EDS Electric offers you complete solutions in the electrical field for civil constructions, industrial parks, commercial and residential estates, production units or other objectives that require power supply. Implementation of SCADA systems, BMS and transformer substations with nominal voltage up to 20kV.

Synthetic Dynamics specializes in providing complete custom turnkey solutions with industrial robotics systems for the manufacturing industry, from launch to delivery.


The guarantee of our professionalism is represented by qualified and authorized personnel of ………………., the quality of the materials and equipment, all compliant with the UK standards.

In order to maintain a high-quality standard, our company has implemented and certified internationally the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system.

Our team of specialists is dynamic, open and flexible in offering consultancy on energy, in order to find the most constructive solutions for you, both on execution and maintenance, on low and medium voltage.

Electrical Services

Electrical installations for civil and industrial constructions

  • indoor electrical installations
  • outdoor electrical installations
  • general and distribution tables
  • modernization and repair of interior and exterior electrical installations
  • measurement of the insulation resistance of the circuits and the protective conductor

Electrical connections with voltages of 0.4kV

  • single-phase aerial connection
  • three-phase aerial connection
  • single-phase underground connection
  • three-phase underground connection
  • grounding measurement and circuit insulation resistance

Electrical networks - medium and low voltage installations

  • overhead power lines with nominal voltages of 0.4 kv ÷ 20 kV
  • underground power lines with nominal voltages of 0.4 kv ÷ 20 kV
  • repairs, modernizations and extensions of the electrical networks

Transformation stations

  • transformer substations with a maximum nominal voltage of at most 20 kV
  • modernization and repair of transformer stations
  • replacement and maintenance of transformer stations
  • location of new transformation stations

Public lighting

  • overhauls and maintenance of public lighting installations
  • modernization and development of public lighting
  • ornamental holiday lighting
  • ambient lighting
  • sensors and timers – street lighting

Technical assistance and maintenance

  • maintenance of electrical energy works
  • service and technical assistance for electrical energy works

Electric Panels

Elron Group, through Elron Solutions division, for production of electrical panels, offers you the construction and sizing of electrical panels. We work with high quality equipment: Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Legrand, Eaton – depending on the requests of the beneficiaries.

We provide the equipment for electrical panels, according to a given scheme or a scheme that we can build according to the customer’s needs and within the standards for UK.

We have an experience of over 10 years in the energy field, as we benefit by the presence of former employees in prestigious companies, for the realization and design of electrical switchboards for distribution and automatization.

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